How to Grow Your Instagram Following

How to Grow your Instagram Following.-2

So let’s talk Instagram for a moment shall we?

Now I have to admit, I am late to the game when it came to Instagram. I was, and still am, an avid Facebook user. I thought that was enough, and it was for a while. It wasn’t until I start blogging that I quickly realized I was missing a huge part of the market. There are over 400 million monthly users on Instagram! So it’s no surprise that this platform is so popular with bloggers and business owners, and was something that I needed to be a part of asap.

When I joined, it was so easy to start following my Facebook friends because Instagram was bought by Facebook in 2012, so of course Facebook makes the transition easy for you. But I needed to change-up my Instagram game and build a following of other bloggers and personal finance gurus. How am I supposed to find those people is the question.

I needed to implement a strategy that would increase my followers in an organic way, and would give me a way to engage with people and have others engage with my posts as well. Quality over quantity. Sure those big numbers look great, but at the end of the day if no one is liking or commenting what’s the point?

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Learn how to grow a following and turn your passion into a business

Simple Strategies to Help you Become a Social Media Influencer.

I stumbled on a course, Instamazing Passion & Profits, to help me implement this strategy and connect with others in my niche. This course was created by 2 travel bloggers Emma and Yannick. Their story is pretty amazing, and they have been on the go since 2014. They have become social media influencers and have been rewarded with some crazy amazing perks that have allowed them to earn a living traveling the world. After I was done drooling over their photos, I signed up for their course. If you want to be the best, you have to learn from the best, right? With this course they make it so easy to follow along. It’s 7 modules jam- packed with information as well as bonuses. One of those bonuses is – lifetime support via email! Emma and Yannick also explain how they are able to make money from Instagram and the one app that has made them $25,000.

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Let’s get started!

Complete your Profile

Duh, right? This sounds so straight forward but I see many bios that are missing information. Always include your website and a short description of your niche. You want people to know who you are, what you do, and where to find you.

Post Great Pictures

Instagram is a visual platform and it is super important to share photos relevant to you and your business. In Instamazing, Emma and Yannick go over how to create the perfect photo and the best apps to use for editing. Most people don’t have hours to spend editing their photos. They have created a list of their top favorite editing apps to boost your Insta-game and 5 of them are FREE!


Understanding the New Algorithm

Since being bought out by Facebook, Instagram changed from a traditional newest content appears first system, to an algorithm that shows popular posts that Instagram predicts that you want to see first. This is where quality vs. quantity comes into play. Since the new algorithm was implemented, the more users that are engaged with your brand, the more likely it is that your posts will make it to the top of their feed. With this course I learned how to boost engagement by connecting with people in my niche.

Comment Pods

Just like Facebook groups, Instagram uses comment pods. Learn how to use them and how to join comment pods. Some of the benefits of comment pods are to increase your visibility and increase engagement by building a community of like-minded people.

Not only did I learn how to boost engagement with Instamazing, but I learned how and what hashtags to use for my niche. Since I’ve started implementing the strategies they laid out for me, I have gained over 200 followers from my niche in just a matter of a few weeks. Pretty cool huh?! I have found and followed other bloggers and have learned a few things from them as well.

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