No-Spend Weekend Ideas

42 No-Spend Weekend Ideas

Some of my best childhood memories were “No-Spend” weekends. Remember playing hide-n-seek or flashlight tag, and giggling until you almost peed your pants? Or how about camping in the backyard with a bonfire and a few close friends or cousins? Parents, you don’t need to constantly spend money on “activities” for your kids. They will be happy just spending good ol’ quality time as a family. And trust me your wallet will thank you too. No need to put yourself in a financial burden over weekend activities. There are plenty of free activities to do around the house on a rainy day, or outside when the sun is shinning. Not only are these ideas great for families, but they make awesome date night activities as well! So grabs some friends or your significant other and see how much fun you can have without spending a ton of money, and you’ll be on your way to saving and paying off debt.

Below are 42 ideas to get you started

No-Spend Weekend ideas.png

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