7 Out of the Box Summer Jobs for Teachers

7 summer jobs for teachers.png

Summer is finally here and what a great time to relax in a hammock after a long school year right? Sure that would be great, but you may get board after a while. Summer is the perfect time to boost your income with a  seasonal job and gain a pretty awesome experience while you’re at it. If you are the adventurous type, don’t worry I’ve got something for you too. You can earn money while you travel the world!

7 Summer Jobs for Teachers

ESL – With English as a second language you can teach at the local level or work from home and teach online. Check out Learnlight or GoFluent and join their community of professionals online that are helping thousands of students across the globe. Work as much or as little as you want.

Test Prep Instructor – College is becoming more competitive and the standards are even higher these days. (You remember your college years right?) A student won’t be accepted into a university without taking the ACT’s or SAT’s, and many students take them multiple times to get a better score. Look for jobs at Kaplan Test Prep or Sylvan Learning Center. If working for yourself suits you better, spread the word in your community through Craig’s List or word of mouth, and  at local high schools.

Work over seas – Teaching abroad is a great way to strengthen your skills and expand your experience all the while getting to explore a new country. There are plenty of short-term options available for the adventurous teachers out there. Check out Go Overseas for paid and volunteer opportunities that are offered world-wide.

Sell your Lesson Plans Online – The work has already been done during the school year, now it’s time to let it work for you. Earn a passive income by uploading your lessons to Teachers Pay Teachers.

Summer Camp Counselor – Get close to nature and teach kids the value of exploring the outdoors. Check out Cool Works for summer camps across the country that are hiring. Imagine getting paid to hike, canoe, and shoot archery all summer. Teach and play at the same time!

Whitewater Rafting Guide – For the adventurous teachers out there who prefers to recharge their batteries with an adrenaline rush, a summer job as a whitewater rafting guide may just do it for you. Take a look at what Joe has to say about being a guide on the Ocoee River in Tennessee on the Art of Manliness. To find rafting jobs, look for companies by searching regions or rivers. If you are a beginner, expect to go to guide school in the spring. According to Fillpot for Zerototravel, only about 20% of people who show up for guide school end up finishing. You gotta want it bad and be in excellent physical condition to be a guide.

Swim Instructor – If you aren’t into the adrenaline rush rafting has to offer, swim instructor is a more chill approach to being in the water. Earn your certificate to teach with the American Red Cross swimming and water safety to gain the skills needed. To get started, check your local pools and YMCA’s that offer these courses and look for jobs there too!

Happy Summer!

4 thoughts on “7 Out of the Box Summer Jobs for Teachers

  1. ooh as a teacher these are great ideas. It’s so hard to know what to do in the summer time, apart from try to get over the last academic year! Great article, thanks


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