15 Really Creative Ways to Earn a Side Income

15 Really Creative Ways to Earn a Side Income

Creating a side income is one of my favorite ways to improve a persons personal finance situation. You can’t always depend on your day job to build immediate wealth. Unless your job is commission based, chances are your income will not increase on your terms. Your day job is there to offer you financial security and build long term wealth and offer benefits such as health care and 401k. If you are looking to earn a little extra cash for an awesome vacation or buy a lot of shoes getting a side hustle to fund it is smart. Leave your day job to fund the things you need, like a house and car, and use the side income for things you want.

Below is a list of side jobs that will give you an opportunity to earn additional income when you need it. And please note that you will NOT see taking surveys on this list! A few years ago when I was looking for something on the side I got wrapped up in these surveys thinking I was making easy money. At the end of the week I walked away with a $5 gift card to Amazon. Trust me when I say that is not worth your time. I have yet to find a survey company that pays decent considering the amount of time that each survey takes. You may make $3 dollars after taking surveys for 5 hours and that is just not worth it.

#1 Blogging

There are several ways bloggers earn money. They can earn through selling ad space on their blog, affiliate marketing, and selling courses or products they offer through their blog. There is a lot of income potential with blogging, you just have to devote some time to it. Getting started is the easy part. You can read about How to Create a Blog here.

#2 Sell your Lesson Plans Online

This is a great way for teachers to create a passive income. The work has already been done, so why not make it work for you? Upload your lesson plans and worksheets to Teachers Pay Teaches and earn between 60-85% from each sale.

#3 Drive with Uber or Lyft

Log on to pick up work as you please. The hours are extremely flexible and you can make a ton of money during holiday weekends or driving people to and from the airport.

#4 Direct Sales

There is usually a small investment into the business but everything is set up for you, like everything! You will get a website that you just direct your customers too. You can read about how to get into a really rad company here.

#5 Photography

Do you have an eye for creativity and a knack for taking awesome pictures? Start a photography business on the side. With a small cost for a good camera and editing software you’ll be good to go.

#6 Sell Stock Photos

Create a passive income with your photography business and sell your stock photos on sites like ShutterStock or Adobe.

#7 DJ

Do you love music and creating play lists? Start a DJing business on the side. The start up and equipment could cost a pretty penny but the potential for making a really good income is there, especially during wedding season.

#8 Become a Wedding Officiant

Yes you can actually become an Ordained Minister online! Ordained Ministers generally charge anywhere from $200-$500 to Officiate weddings or funerals depending on travel. Some states don’t legally recognize online ordinations, so be sure to check your state’s laws first.

#9 Search Engine Evaluator

Make between $12-$15 an hour from home. Your job would be to evaluate search engine results to determine if they are relevant or not to the term typed in. Some companies that are hiring are right now are Leapforce, Lionbridge, and Appen.

#10 Web Designer

Huge side income potential with this one. A web designer can charge anywhere from $250-$500 just to get a website up and running. Logo or branding for a business could run up to $1500.

#11 Sell your Crafts on Etsy

From jewelry to knitting to screen printing, use your creative side and take killer photos then promote promote promote!

#12 Pool Cleaning and Service

If you live in a warm climate this may be just the thing for you. Pool service is a contract based business and the contracts are usually 1-2 years long. You will have to be available to clean each pool once a week and have some knowledge on chlorine and acid chemical balance.

#13 Virtual Assistant

Most assignments are freelance or contract work and the tasks can fun the gamut. There are websites that specialize in setting up virtual assistance with work such as Fiverr and Upwork.

#14 Support Chat

Hey I’ve chatted with a few of these people! So many companies utilize this service and it really is valuable, especially when you are on the end that needs help! Most of these jobs require set hours so there isn’t much flexibility. Check Indeed for companies that are hiring.

#15 Tutor

Pay will depend on your level of education, experience, and subject matter. A certified teacher with experience can charge up to $75 an hour for their services. A less experienced tutor can expect $10-$15.

As always I love to hear what you guys have to say. What side jobs have you done to earn additional income? 

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