How to Start a Direct Sales Business in less than 10 minutes

Have you dreamed of having more time at home while still building a profitable business?

Then Rodan + Fields just might be the answer you are looking for. I decided to write this post because I often get asked how I got started, and if direct sales is a good way to make money. I wanted to share with you my journey, why I choose Rodan+Fields and how you can get started in this business in less than 10 minutes!

My Journey

I’m a mom to 2 very active girls and a wife to husband that works crazy hours. We are no strangers to hard work. I have worked full time since my junior year of college and my husband has worked full time since he was 18. In addition to working a full time day job, he started his own side business in 2016. Starting a side business is a great way to build additional wealth. As much as we would love to quit our jobs and be our own boss, that isn’t always the best idea in the long run. Working for a company gives you benefits that you wouldn’t necessarily have if you ran your own small business. Benefits such as 401k contribution, health care, and paid vacation to name a few. I became interested in building a side business too. I needed something that would give me a creative outlet, and that would allow me to connect with other women. With our busy schedules, I needed a business that I could work on in my own time and that I could do from anywhere. That brought me to direct sales. I had already been using Rodan+Fields, so I knew how good the products were. I started getting more interested in it when I saw the success of others. There are 7 women in my area driving the white Lexus! Now I realize this didn’t happen over night. These women had to work hard for it. But the great thing is, they were able to build that business while working full time and taking care of their families.

Read here about the Top 8 Tips Every Direct Sales Person Should Know.

Why Become a Rodan+Fields Consultant?

Here are my TOP 5 reasons Rodan+Fields makes sense,

It’s a BILLION dollar industry. The company is growing so fast right now, and you have the opportunity to capitalize on the growth, making the income potential huge.

It’s the #1 skin care company in the US. If you are going to join something, you might as well join the best! The company is soon going global and I don’t doubt that they will be #1 in other countries as well.


It’s an easy sale. The products are backed by a 60 day money back guarantee, and people love and trust the products.

The incentives are pretty awesome. Free car, free trips, and gifts like jewelry and luggage. There is nothing like getting gifts delivered to your door as a reward for all your hard work.

Low start up costs. Business kits start at $395 for the US. You get the awesome products to use for yourself or as promotional giveaways,  and a website. There is no inventory to keep. You simply direct you customers to your website and their products are shipped to their door.

Compensation Plan

You automatically get 25% off all products! You can become a consultant just to get the deep discount for yourself or you can choose to work the business and make money. No matter what level you are at you will always earn the difference between wholesale and retail PLUS 10% commission. Once you earn the title Executive Consultant (which I earned in my 1st month) you are bumped up to 15% commission. On top of all that you can earn 5 levels deep. That’s huge! Building a team will give you a long term way to earn an income and put you in charge! You will have the opportunity to help guide someone else in creating a profitable business as well.

A high-end quality skin care line is seriously easy to sell! It’s a consumable product so you will have repeat business coming back to you month after month. The company is on the cutting edge with new products coming down the pipe line to keep your customers interested and trying new things.

If you are ready to become part of my team (and I hope you are!) I’m going to give you loads of advise on how to get started. There are so many different ways to work your business from bridal expos to Facebook parties. With this business there is truly something for everyone, even introverts like me!

So if you are ready to jump in, follow the steps below to get started. And if you are still interested by have more questions, leave me a comment below or contact me here.

#1 Go to

#2 Click on Become a Consultant at the top and enroll now. 

#3 Select your business kit. 

Image unavailable
RFx Express Business kit
Image unavailable
Big Business Launch Kit
#4 Next select Express enrollment or Standard enrollment. Selecting Express enrollment will get you set up with everything you need to get the business started, including your website.
#5 You will then be directed to a new screen where you enter all your information in.
You are done! You are now an official Independent Consultant with Rodan+Fields!
By joining my team you will have access to some pretty amazing private Facebook groups where you will get additional support and training on top of what I will be giving you. I can’t wait for you to join this amazing group of women that are so incredibly supportive and up lifting, and as your sponsor and mentor, I will send you a welcome gift!


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