How to Create a Blog- A step-by-step guide for the beginner

How to


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There is a blog for everything out there! Is it saturated? Absolutely not! Everyone has a different way of teaching or telling a story. I love reading different blogs that cover the same type of topic. I can always pull different information from each one.

Starting a blog or a website is one of the fist things you will need to do when you start a business – any business. When people decide they need something like “hey I really need my lawn mowed” they turn to the internet and do a search. If you aren’t there, you don’t get the business.

I’ve created a step-by-step tutorial to show you how to start a blog or website for you business.  Now I’m not the most tech savvy person, hell I even have a hard time sending an email with an attachment, so if I can do this, so can you!


Decide what you want to blog about. If you already have a business in mind, or have started one, fantastic! You are already done with the first step!

To find your niche or topic. Ask yourself these questions.

  1. What do I enjoy talking about? Think of something that excites you. What hobbies do you enjoy doing. What is something that you would rather be doing when you are doing something that you don’t like. (like work! HaHa just kidding!)
  2. What do I have experience in? There are experts is every field. Maybe you are one of then! It can even be some off the wall topic like, how to train you cat. The internet is your oyster my friend.

So you have you topic or business in mind, now you get to agonize over a name for your said blog/business. This part can be sooo hard! A name is everything right? You want it to be simple, memorable and relevant to your business or blog.

Once you come up with a name, you need to check to see if the domain is available. If it is, awesomesauce, you are golden! If it isn’t, well crap, back to the drawing board you go!


If you are looking for a simple website that has themes already built in I recommend starting with If you are into customizing your site, I recommend going with This will offer you many different plugins and options to choose from. Complete customization baby!


If you plan on using WordPress you will need to have “hosting.” This is access to the sever that will run your blog. There are many great options with this one, and it can be as cheap at $4 a month. Choose one that you are comfortable with and has  a high % for their uptime.

I highly recommend NameCheap. They offer an uptime guarantee if their service goes down due to equipment failure or internal infrastructure. Their site is also easy to navigate and set up, and the chat support is pretty awesome. They are always quick to answer my questions and help me to the end.

When you are picking your plan think about what you want to do with your blog or website. Think about how much web space you will need for your content and how many visits you expect.

Your next step is to simply follow the steps! Each host will make it super easy for you to enter your information. You will be asked to enter your domain name. This is the name you choose for your business or blog. You can also pick your domain extension such as .com, .net, .org. (I highly recommend going with .com). If you plan on going BIG with your business or blog (go big or go home!) I suggest you buy the .org and .net as well. Buying virtual real estate is a thing now. You’ll want to get it before the competition does and confuses your market.


Once your host is all set up, you’ll need to install wordpress to create your blog. You will create a wordpress user name and password (write this down!)

Now for the fun part, choose a theme to install. There are so many nice free ones to choose from. You can always upgrade to a paid theme as you blog grows.

Now you can go to, enter you login, and start blogging! You now own a piece of the virtual pie, see that wasn’t so bad!

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